What is the PFS-CI?
The Plate-Forme de Services Côte d'Ivoire (PFS-CI) is a device for the integration of young people and of youth and vulnerable people through economic activity. It was born from the initiative of four state organizations that are: the FDFP, the AGEFOP, the ex-AGEPE and the ex-FNS, in order to effectively address the issue of youth unemployment.
This system has obtained the status of a public utility association and is part of a logic of territorial anchoring.
It is developed from the socio-economic realities of the territories and in support of support to local communities. It is therefore a local service offer that which participates in the decentralization process implemented by the the government.
The accompaniment of the beneficiary within the PFS pursues a double objective of training and qualification on a productive activity, combined with the development and realization of a professional project.




The fundamental mission of the PFS is the viable and sustainable integration of young people and and vulnerable people through economic activity in accordance with the socio-economic socio-economic potential and opportunities of the territories. This mission is part of the national policy on integration policy conducted by the Ministry in charge of Employment.


  • Welcoming, informing and guiding candidates with or without a project.
  • To put the candidate in activity according to his profile and his needs.
  • Accompany the candidate in his/her integration and professionalization process.
  • Follow and supervise the candidate in his activity.
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  • Promote self-employment.
  • Research and establish partnerships.


Young and vulnerable people (women and men) volunteers in accordance with the requirements of the scheme

  • Young people aged 18 to 40
  • Vulnerable audiences
  • No education or primary, secondary or higher education
  • With or without project ideas, or with more or less formalized projects.


At the local level, the PFS is represented by the PFS-LOCALES whose bodies are :
the Local Committee for Youth Integration (Steering Committee) and the Local Mission (Operational body) which is the one-stop shop for integration. The Missions Locale welcomes, orients and accompanies candidates, whether or not they have a project, with the help of a wide range of services. The PFS-L are composed of three (3) poles : :

The Reception, Information and Orientation Centre :

This pole is in charge of welcoming, informing and guiding candidates who benefit from the activities of the Mission Locale..

The Qualification to Employment Pole :

This center supports projects for the integration of young people into salaried jobs.

The Entrepreneurship Pole :

This center supports projects to create activities for self-employment.